Saturday, April 7, 2012

Beauty Watch: Champagne, Peach, & Coral

It’s time for me to admit it to y’all: I’m a makeup addict. I love playing with it, putting it on, doing my friends’ makeup before we go out – everything!

One of my favorite looks right now is one that I’ve been turning to every day, and is totally versatile – champagne eye shadow, peach blush, and coral lips. The colors tie together so well and look amazing on every complexion! Here are my top picks for these three products…

six products

1. MAC Naked Lunch Eye Shadow: very pretty light, shimmery shade, great for all over color!

2. CoverGirl Champagne Eye Shadow: more subtle than Naked Lunch, but a gorgeous color! Great for using on the lid.

3. MAC Peaches Blush: this shade warms up your face so well! It’s very sheer, so it’s nearly impossible to over apply and looks amazingly natural.

4. Bare Minerals Vintage Peach Blush: This shade is brighter than the MAC blush, but is a perfect pop of color on the cheek!

5. MAC Smile Dazzleglass: This is one of their most popular colors, and while it’s coming off a little pink in the picture, it’s a really pretty, sparkly coral shade that I love!

6. MAC See Sheer Lipstick: I love the formula of this shade, because it’s so buildable. You can get a quick, easy wash of color or a bright pop with this, and works really well on cool skin tones!

These products are great because they look amazing on almost any skin tone, but there are tons of products around these shades that can fit any budget or preference!

What are your favorite products for spring? Are you a make up addict?

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  1. I love champagne eye shadow! That MAC color is so pretty!

    Hope you had a wonderful weekend!